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1.Contact us

1.1 Do you have galleries?

It is possible to discover all of our works in the galleries of L'Astrée at 8, 10 and 23 rue Damiette, 76000 Rouen.

1.2 At which trade fairs can we see you?

The Astrée gallery participates in numerous exhibitions throughout the year. To discover their next show it's here:Our next exhibitions. If unfortunately you cannot participate in our exhibitions, we invite you to visitour virtual lounges.

1.3 I would like more information, how to do?

To obtain more information about a work, you can contact us at or by email at infos@argeades.com. In addition, our galleries remain open to welcome you.

1.4 How to follow you on social networks?

To follow the news and discoveries of Argeades and the Galerie de l'Astrée, we invite you to follow us on our Facebook page(click herei and Instagram (click here).

2. Estimate / Sell

2.1 I want to estimate an object, how to do?

Argeades, in collaboration with the Astrée gallery, offers you to estimate your objects free of charge and without obligation. To request an estimate,click here. All estimates are made by Pierre Lemaitre, antique dealer for more than 20 years.

2.2 Estimate at home, how to do it?

In order to obtain the best possible estimate, a home estimate can be made in the cities of Rouen and Paris. To request an estimate at home, contact us at06.

2.3 I want to sell an item, how to do it?

For more than 20 years, the L'Astrée gallery has supported its customers in the purchase and sale of works of art. If you wish to part with an object, we invite you to contact us at06. so that we can make an estimate without commitments, prior to any takeover offer.

3. BUY

3.1 The accepted payment methods 

The payment methods accepted on Argeades are as follows:

- Bank card or Paypal without minimum purchase.t).

- Bank transfer for all orders over 2000. To do this, you can create your basket and then contact us at infos@argeades.com..

- Argeades gift card that can be used in several installments or supplemented by bank card if the amount of your order exceeds the balance of your gift card.

It is also possible to reserve a work and make the payment directly at the Astrée gallery.

3.2 Are the payments secure?

All purchases on ARGEADES are secure.

The information transmitted during payment transit in a secure and encrypted manner directly to the Stripe banking server, duly approved by the Banque de France as a PCI DSS organization.

In any case, ARGEADES does not store or have access to your bank details.

Likewise, for all payments via Paypal, Paypal ensures the confidentiality of your banking information.

3.3 How is the delivery?

Once you have placed an order and it has been confirmed by us, we will send your order within 3 days. For large deliveries we invite you to contact us at06., so that we can make a quote.

3.4 Order validation period?

This period is 12 hours maximum, during this time, you are of course not debited, we simply take a pre-authorization on your bank account.

3.5What are the delivery times?

As soon as your order is validated, we will do our best to send you your purchase. When the shipment is made, we will send you a code so that you can track the delivery of your order.

3.6 Is it possible to withdraw your purchase in store?

As soon as the order is validated and the payment received, it will be entirely possible for you to request the withdrawal of your purchase in one of the Astrée galleries.

3.7 Are deliveries insured?

All of our shipments are insured, if you wish to use a particular mode of transport do not hesitate to contact us at06. so that we can make a shipping quote.

3.8 Is it possible to reserve a work?

It is indeed possible to reserve a work. To do this, contact the Galerie de l'Astrée at06. In order for the reservation to be made, a deposit will be requested. The amount of this deposit will be communicated to you prior to booking.

3.9How to get an invoice?

As soon as the purchase is confirmed, an invoice will be sent to you by email to the address you have provided. Upon delivery, your purchase will be accompanied by a duplicate of the invoice.


Pierre Lemaitre, manager of the Astrée gallery.

Expert antique dealer
Member of the National Union of Antique Dealers
Expert in xylology Paris VI UniversityI)
OF. of Rouen judicial expertise
Expert of the European company CECOA
International member of CINOA

4.1 What is ANS ?

The purpose of the National Syndicate of Antiquarians SNA is to defend and promote the profession of antique dealer. It brings together nearly 400 members around a code of ethics whose principles are Authenticity - Quality - Honorability. To find an NSA memberA click here.

4.2 What is CINOA ?

CINOA is an international federation based in Brussels, founded in 1935, of antiques and art dealers, representing five thousand dealers from thirty-two art and antiques associations in twenty-two countries.CINOA website

4.3 What is CECOA ?

The European Chamber of Experts-Consultants in Works of Art CECOA is an association made up of Experts, Experts-Conseil, Consultants.ts.
Created in Paris in 1987, it is placed under the French legal regime:
Non-Profit Association, law of July 1, 1901 - Article 5
Registered under number 87/3261 - File n ° 082691.. CECOA website

4.4 What is an expert certificatert ?

When purchasing an object with a sale price greater than 1000.00, Pierre Lemaitre can produce a certificate at your request. This certificate is a guarantee of the authenticity of the object. The information presented on this certificate will be identical to that of the description of the object and of the invoice. In case of doubt, following the acquisition of a work on our site, do not hesitate to contact us at In the event of a second opinion invalidating the authenticity of the object, in the year following the date of purchase, the work may be returned to its initial state. As an expert, Mr. Lemaitre is insured by the Mutuelles du Mans MMA.. 





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