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Just like the objects we offer you, the name Argéades has a history. This story is that of the dynasty of the great kings of Macedonia, of which Alexander the Great is part. Today, it is another Alexander who wishes, thanks to the objects he offers you, to conquer your hearts and your interiors. In order to accompany him in this adventure and in order to offer you the most beautiful objects, Argéades is fortunate to be accompanied by the Astrée gallery.strée.



A company created in January 2000 from a family passion, the search for rare objects and furniture, already passed down in the genes to her children, it was Marie-Hélène Lemaitre d'Esteve de Bosch who was the first to embark on the profession in 1962 in Rouen. His whole life will develop this passion by remaining one of the references in ceramics, finishing at the Brafa, the Biennale and remaining professor at the IESA of Paris and other prestigious schools. The children, Pierre and Fanny will then each create their own activity. For Pierre, after a career in industry and commerce, it will be l'Astrée.


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Pierre Lemaitre
Votre antiquaire à Rouen
Antiquités et Objets D'art
23,10 et 8 rue Damiette, Rouen 76000 , France
Téléphone 06 82 65 95 98
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